In July 2016 I piloted a new family outing experience called Re-wild your Grown-Up.  I was so chuffed to read this write up about the work:

“On a cold rainy day a brave crew of kids rugged up their grown-ups and bought them along to Queen Elizabeth park to teach them how to be wild again. Under the guidance of Liana Stupples kids showed their grown-ups how to play in the outdoors and enjoy nature. Both kids and adults enjoyed reconnecting with their senses, moving quietly along bush paths and creating nests to have some time alone in nature.
Liana was an enchanting leader of both kids and grown-ups. It was an invigorating afternoon, with everyone leaving with smiles and wild sparkles in their eyes”.

Thanks to all the organisers and participants including Kapiti Coast District Council’s Number 8 Wire Week.

Contact me if you would like me to run a Re-wild your Grown-up session near you.