Services and training in visual thinking


Graphic Facilitation, Graphic Recording, Visualisation, Event Graphics, Participatory Graphics

Recent Examples of Visual Services Liana has provided are:

  • A visual Blueprint pitch poster for WWF New Zealand
  • Sketch note poster of a Community Forum strategy session for Horowhenua District Council
  • A vision Graphic for the Department of Conservation Predator Free community engagement
  • Graphic recording for Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu Hui
  • Event design and graphic recording for Strengthening Communities Hui
  • Poster design for  Te Awa Whakatipu Youth Programme

What can I do for you?

Extraordinary Visual Thinking

Training Courses

A one day introduction to the power of visual tools for life and work

“If you want greater confidence to make and draw without having to be an artist, this is the course for you”

Visual thinking is a fast track to clearer thinking, deeper engagement, better recall and so much more.  This one day course is for people who want to get started on working visually and come away with powerful easy to master tools

Participants will come away with:

  • Knowledge about the benefits of visual thinking
  • Greater confidence to make and draw without having to be an artist
  • Top techniques to work with 8 key elements of visual work:
  1. Objects and positions
  2. Lines and dots
  3. Scale
  4. Text
  5. Shade and colour
  6. Themes and Templates
  7. Icons (build your own library of 50 icons!)
  8. Characters (top tips to draw Easy Peasy People in your own style)
  • Tips and a chance to try (or buy) the best tools
  • Ideas for how to apply your new skills;
  • Idea for participative visuals when working as a group
  • Ideas for Sketch notes for yourself to record and recall
  • Ideas to clearly communicate with and engage others
  • Create your own course book and take it home to continue your practice
  • Have access to a coach and the community of course participants to continue your learning

[This course is designed to perfectly complement the Introduction to Extraordinary facilitation 1 day course]

Liana’s Graphic facilitation is

“awe inspiring”    (Facilitation client)

“You know you get the notes from meetings and they go straight in the drawer, but I put that picture you did up on the wall for all my team to see”    (Facilitation participant)

Your Guide

Liana Stupples is a creative facilitator who works with organisations and communities for sustainable outcomes.  She specialises in bringing together the worlds of outdoor adventure, singing, making and drawing to tough environmental and social issues.  When she was young she didn’t think she could draw, now she uses drawing and other visual techniques to help her clients clarify, communicate, create and collaborate.  Liana is a fun and engaging teacher and has developed this introductory course to be suitable for anyone who is curious about visual thinking.