People ask me “So what is re-wilding and why would you do it to yourself?”

To help answer that question I have put together an infographic with 10 reasons to Re-wild Yourself and some fantastic quotes.  As a start re-wilding is just spending more time aware and part of nature.  There are some great references on the web documenting all the benefits for our health and wellbeing this can bring (e.g. compiled by the BBC and The Centre for Confidence and Wellbeing).  And there is more.  Re-wilding can bring about profound changes in you and in the culture around you.  The more you tune into the patterns of nature the more you will discover about yourself and find new approaches and paths for your life.  Your Re-wild journey will be unique for you but there are techniques and activities that can help you on the way and guides that can support you.

Rewilding is not going back in time to cave “man” days nor cutting yourself off from society; it is tapping into a great source of joy and inspiration, hard lessons and comfort and so much more.  It is about living fully today and being part of making a saner world that means more of us can flourish.

You can download the full infographic here: re-wild 10 reasons

If you want to explore what re-wilding could mean for you get in touch with me, Liana.